Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

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Since 1996, over 94% of our IBS clients have gotten greater than a 50% reduction in symptoms and 83% have become symptom free and remained that way even after their sessions ended. In addition, with the help of their doctor, they have been able to eliminate most, if not all, of the medications and supplements they were taking for their IBS symptoms.  For the majority of clients, six sessions are all that are necessary to alleviate their symptoms. These techniques have been used extensively in England since 1981 with consistent results.IBS chicago hypnosis therapy

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“Hypnotherapy has had the full support of the American Medical Association since 1958”

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A trance is a naturally occurring state that we all experience several times a day.  Have you ever been absorbed in a book or movie and lost track of what was going on around you?  Have you ever driven down the highway and missed your exit because you were preoccupied with your thoughts?  These are examples of a hypnotic trance.  The hypnotist serves as a guide who helps you get into a trance state when you desire rather than waiting until it overtakes you.

You do not have to believe in hypnosis for it to work for you.  You must, however, be willing to change.  Hypnosis utilizes the vast power of your unconscious mind to create lasting changes for you.  Your conscious mind can think of up to nine thoughts per second.  In that same second your unconscious mind processes 2.3 million bits of information.

You will hear every word.  Because you are always fully conscious you will know everything going on around you.

You are always in control.  Therefore, you will never do anything in a hypnotic trance that violates your morals or that is against your will.  Similarly, you can not be hypnotized against your will or without your knowledge and consent.  You have learned to write but you do not have to do so unless you wish to… hypnosis is the same.

Who can be hypnotized?  Almost every normally functioning person can be hypnotized.  Hypnosis only requires you to relax and pay attention to what the hypnotist asks you to do.  Over the years we have successfully hypnotized thousands of people.