Lose Weight

Why People Overeat

hypnosis therapy program to loose weight

Overeating usually fills a need– or at least is viewed as doing so. The possible needs, real or imagined, are many. Some people overeat to compensate for an unpleasant experience.

Others eat excessively to reward themselves, or possibly for self- entertainment. Some want to be noticed, and may use a large body to offset a large ego. Eating is used to compensate for lack of love, to offset fear, to overcome frustration, to deal with boredom or sometimes to avoid sex.

Helpful to the therapist are lists answering such questions as WHEN overeating usually takes place – what psychological or emotional activity is associated with excess eating, and what usual time of day or night. Where overeating is done is important – home, at parties, in restaurants, while watching television, etc. Why and for what need is also a factor in understanding the problem. Once we establish the above mentioned factors, it leads us to the establishment of three goals:


  • To achieve the desired weight loss.
  • To maintain the desired weight once it is achieved.
  • To adopt permanently the new habit patterns that make the first two goals possible.

lost weight by therapy using hypnosis


A hypnotherapy program for weight reduction will involve several specific elements which are essential to the achievement of established objectives :

1. The client’s self-esteem and confidence will be evaluated and fortified as often as necessary to achieve a positive outlook and the ability to visualize mentally the perfect, desired body structure at the appropriate weight and with the physical modifications important to the client.

2. The client’s attitude toward food, overeating and related satisfactions will be altered to reduce the conceived importance of food as it relates to well being.

3. The client’s food interests and tastes will be modified to increase the desire for healthy foods with appropriate nutrition and reduce the desire for foods high in fats and other harmful elements. Emphasis will be placed on quantity consumption , special tastes (sweet tooth enjoyment), and negative calorie foods (when digestion requires more calorie burnup than the total calories of the food consumed.)

4. Finally, programming will deal with such behavior matters as establishing time, places and patterns for future eating, elimination of harmful habits, and positive reinforcement for relief of stress or anxiety factors or other causal elements which may require hypnotic desensitization.

5. Keep in mind that slow reduction in weight is the safest procedure.