Weight Loss Hypnosis
About Ryan Roessler

Not only is Ryan Roessler the chief hypnotherapist of his Chicago-based Wellspring Hypnosis operation – he is also a renowned commercial photographer who’s been regularly tapped for 25 years by a long list of leading food and beverage manufacturers. You’ve likely viewed Roessler’s Absolut magazine ads, or his four-part fine-art series commissioned to celebrate the 100th anniversary of BV Wine, based on works by Dalí, Seurat, Cézanne, and Léger.
But at the pinnacle of his career, Roessler had begun experiencing a growing conviction that his gift for creating indelible images could also be used to help people achieve their goals. Acting on that conviction, Roessler founded Wellspring Hypnosis, whose focus is getting clients to make significant changes in life – like weight reduction and smoking cessation. Now, through safe and effective hypnotherapy, Roessler implants indelible images of slimmed-down physiques and tobacco-free living in the minds of Wellspring’s clients.

And it works. Just ask client Bob Kaplan, who kicked a 30-year smoking habit for good. “I’d tried the patch, gum, everything, and nothing worked,” says Kaplan. “But after only three hypnosis sessions, I finally beat my nicotine addiction.”

Roessler became interested in hypnotherapy when he met a Chicago hypnotherapist who hired him to do her headshots. “I’d always been fascinated by hypnosis,” he says, “so out of curiosity, I signed up for three sessions.” It was, according to Roessler, a revelation: “I’d practiced and enjoyed transcendental meditation for 30 years – but this was the most relaxed I’d ever been in my life. Hypnosis offers the ultimate mind-body connection; it puts your emotions in congruence with your logical brain.”

Seeing the potential for a proactive, healing career as a hypnotherapist, Roessler pursued his own training at the noted Leidecker Institute in Elgin, Illinois. He received his certification from the National Guild of Hypnotists, and went on to found Chicago-based Wellspring Hypnosis in 2003.

We Guarantee It

We are so confident in the effectiveness of our program that we offer a money-back guarantee of our services.

Success using hypnosis is dependent upon many variables including the attitude, motivation, cooperation and attendance of scheduled sessions by the participant. Even though human behavior cannot be ethically guaranteed, we are so confident our program will work for you that we can offer this guarantee.

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